Liquor Connect

Making Alberta’s liquor logistics that much more seamless.

Client: Liquor Connect
Role: User Experience Design
Duration: April 2014 – July 2014

Liquor Connect


Liquor Connect was planning on upgrading their backend Sharepoint architecture and during this process wanted an update to their  front end experience. Liquor Connect is the online application for Connect Logistics, the sole distributor and warehouse for all spirits, wine, and beer in the province of Alberta.


Originally designed by developers, the application seemed to “work”, but little thought had been paid to user needs beyond requirements. The internal staff were aware of the problems they heard from the end users, but had never undergone any research to clearly articulate define all these needs. During the backend upgrade, we were tasked with trying to update the front end experience.


The Liquor Connect application had 5 distinct user groups: Licensees, Agents, Supplies, Administrators, and Public users. Each user group had different access rights and required different feature sets in the application.




With millions of visitors to the application each year there was a rich set of Google Analytics data to review. I started the design process by analyzing the available analytics to discover user patterns. In additon to the use patterns, the clients had a list of features that users had directly told them they want to be updated or included in the application.

Based on the available analytics and the requirements from the client I began wire framing different features. The main areas for redesign were searching and ordering. The wireframes were converted into clickable prototypes using Axure RP and were then tested with 8 end users representing the different internal and external user groups.

The findings from our testing were integrated into the prototypes and then pitched to the client to identify the priorities we wanted to move ahead with.

At this point in the process I was moved to a new project and was unable to see the whole project to completion.