How can ATB better support financial advisors in their conversations and interactions with clients?

Client: ATB Financial
My role: User Experience Designer
Duration: August 2013 – January 2014

ATB Advisor Portal



ATB Financial needed a better way to support financial advisors in their conversations and interactions with clients and potential prospects in order to sell the Compass Portfolio serious. Their previous intranet solution was a mess of document libraries, making finding and sharing resources a difficult process while interacting with clients.

Design Process

Before I came onto the project, interviews were conducted with financial advisors to understand how they worked and what their needs were. My involvement with the project kicked off with a business requirements workshop with key stakeholders from ATB to align what was discovered in the interviews with the business requirements.

Once these business requirements were aligned with the user needs we identified, I designed a low fidelity Axure prototype based on these initial set of requirements. We conducted remote user testing with 6 advisors from across the province, myself conducting 3 of them. Based on these findings I further developed the prototype and another round of user testing was conducting with 6 new participants to confirm and validate the new features we were proposing for implementation.

After the user testing I was responsible for working with the lead developer to create a design document to outline all the requirements for the build phase.



ATB had originally envisioned a wiki of information and resources. After doing extensive interviews with advisors across the province we were able to uncover the true needs of our end users, which extended far beyond a wiki. The Advisor Portal was developed to be a portable tool that gave advisors quick access to relevant, ever-changing financial news and resources, interactive financial tools, and a collaborative space to connect with other advisors. In order to deliver a unique and personalized service experience for their clients, we designed a feature that allowed advisors to generate customized packages of content that could be generated from anywhere within the portal.