Davis Levine


Hi, I’m a designer from Canada currently completely an MA in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island in Manchester, UK. I have a bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from the University of Alberta. Before starting my MA I worked as a user experience designer with iomer internet solutions in Edmonton, Canada. I’m passionate about using design for social change especially in the realm of public services. My big question right now: How can design create better cities that are inclusive, sustainable, and support their citizens?

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Another Design Manifesto



Never forget that you are designing for people, not users.


Nothing is too good for the public

These words are from Mike Press and I think it’s an important shift in how we understand public goods and services.


Design without discipline

Above any specific discipline, I feel most comfortable identifying myself as a designer. Design disciplines carry baggage and only limit our understanding of problems.


Process = Outcome

The way you design your process will dictate your outcome. A good process will lead to a good outcome, trust the process.

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