Driven to promote fairness and equality—I want to facilitate the design of big picture changes in society. I try to bring out the best in others through the meaningful experiences I help to design, experiences that enable authentic human connection and collaboration.

I’m currently interested in the intersections of design, public services, cities, policy, and sustainability. Let’s stop talking about Oreo’s brand story. Design is better than this, designers are better than this. It’s time to create systems, jump into complexity, fight social problems, deliver new services, these are the new domains of design. Let’s tackle it together.

Design Disciplines

Experience Design

Experience design reminds us of the complexity involved with designing for people. It truly positions people at the centre of the design process in order to create solutions that tap into deep human needs. Not driven by a single discipline, experience design is a framework to address design at an emotional level.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is the construction of the rich conversations happening every day between people and design. We create meaningful relationships and dialogue between the products and services in our lives. More than just an activity between a human and a computer, interaction design constructs the interface of our experience.


Let's Collaborate